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There’s a wiser way
to feed people.

We’re providing nourishment local areas can rely on—without harming our planet or its people.

Wiseats has reinvented fresh food production. Our controlled environments allow us to consistently produce high quality, sustainable products. And we’re bringing local to the masses—with more and more locations producing food close to home.

We’re driven by one thing: we want the world to eat better food. To help people live healthier and happier lives full of energy and vitality. That’s why our products are clean, safe, and as nutritious as it gets.

Meet our semi-exotic

Good for your mouth, body,

and Instagram.

Harvested later in the growing cycle, our fresh local mushrooms are larger, fully formed and visually striking. They’re packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, so you’ll feel good about eating them. Most importantly, they’re delicious—whether they’re at the centre of your plate or a stunning side feature.

Wiseats mushrooms are sustainably grown on steam pasteurized wood-pulp through a process that is 100% chemical free. We use all-natural inputs in our climate-controlled, indoor precision agriculture facility.

Blue Oyster
Make a wise choice.

Our retail and wholesale partners will get Wiseats products on your plate.





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